No Moore Parking Lot Pimpin'

Roy Moore! Steve Bannon already cooked? Bill Clinton's sexual past revisited?

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BANNED FROM THE MALL!…s_say_moores_b.html

White House asked to put the final bullet into the Roy Moore fiasco…ma-senate-244906
Will Sessions run for his own damn seat again?

Is Bannon already burnt?
First Mercer now Adelson…-midterms-244866

Are the #MeToo flames going to reach Bill?…bill-clinton.html

Trump would prefer if teenagers thanked him…%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

Lose Yourself in the MAGA

Eminem captures the world of politics with a Trump freestyle, Bannon is setting fire to the GOP so he might remake it in his image and we update you on Catalonia.

Europe is getting frisky

Big week. Sad week. But the Secretary of State called the president a "f--- moron," which is fun. Also, Europe is getting frisky. Furthermore, Europe is getting frisky.

Jet Flyin'


Health Care! 
Trump at the UN! 
Iceland collapsed over child molesters! 
Brazil doing Brazil things!

Why Do People Still Support Trump?

Trump's Bernie push on taxes and more!

Trump winds up his "Bernie"-esqe pitch on tax reform…-populism-242134

How bad is Trump? Newsweek wants to show you the awesome parts of W's handling of Katrina…ile-texas-656931

Berkeley mayor asks University to cancel the Milo speech….4364ee592571

Why do people still support Trump?
There are two main theories of Trump's support. One is that a large minority of Americans -- 40 percent, give or take -- are racist idiots. This theory is at least tacitly endorsed by the Democratic Party and the mainstream liberal media. The other is that a large majority of this large minority are good citizens with intelligible and legitimate opinions, who so resent being regarded as racist idiots that they'll back Trump almost regardless. They may not admire the man, but he's on their side, he vents their frustration, he afflicts the people who think so little of them -- and that's good enough.…ll-support-trump

Feinstein says Trump probably won't get impeached. Gets booed.…hope-12160141.php

Devil's Bargain…ds=devils+bargain

Trump's grim report card so far...…m_campaign=organic


I Just Want to Ride the Elevator!

Trump, man... this guy.

So... that press conference
Trump had a decent hand going into Tuesday. NK backing down and pushing on the media for ignoring his Monday remarks so they could still run their Saturday hot takes
And yet

Because it never gets old

Any infrastructure questions?

Aides in a panic…des-react-241695

How racist is Donald Trump?…nationalists.html

And now we're in a war over statues...…ues-cover-night/

All Republicans are racist…/897624579589451778