Sword Fight

This Russia thing... right? Does Hillary play Clash of Clans? Trump plays the credit game. KOREAN UPDATE! RETURN OF THE POLL DANCE!

Korean BBQ

Justin compares Obama/Trumps social media bitchfest to Kim/Taylor Swift and delves into an INSANE scandal in South Korea. It involves a CULT!

T-Rex Arms

Justin discusses the Russia hacks, Comey and the sad refusal of the Trump administration to apply their Mittens.

A Leftist Lament

Justin chats with author and podcaster Aubrey Sitterson about the dawn of Trump, the decline of Hillary and all other matters of liberal America.

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The Brian Brushwood v. Jeff Cannata Debate

Ever have two friends that won't stop arguing about politics on Twitter? Justin found two of his, pushed the couches back and let these boys swing on each other. In all seriousness, this is pretty rad discussion about voting, freedom, apathy and more. Not the normal show but hopefully enjoyable.

Sassy Reporting

Justin discusses the cozy relationship between sources and reporters, Ross Perot and what happens if Hillary wins Texas.