Senator Bollea

Hulk Hogan for Senate? Sex scandal in MO? Stormy Daniels banged Trump a lot? Bannon stonewalls congress and the definitive Fire and Fury review.

Presidential PUBG Special!

John Teasdale joins the show to discuss which president would reign supreme if they were parachuted on to an island and forced to compete is bloody test of stamina, marksmanship and killer instinct.

No Moore Parking Lot Pimpin'

Roy Moore! Steve Bannon already cooked? Bill Clinton's sexual past revisited?

---- Notes ----

BANNED FROM THE MALL!…s_say_moores_b.html

White House asked to put the final bullet into the Roy Moore fiasco…ma-senate-244906
Will Sessions run for his own damn seat again?

Is Bannon already burnt?
First Mercer now Adelson…-midterms-244866

Are the #MeToo flames going to reach Bill?…bill-clinton.html

Trump would prefer if teenagers thanked him…%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

Lose Yourself in the MAGA

Eminem captures the world of politics with a Trump freestyle, Bannon is setting fire to the GOP so he might remake it in his image and we update you on Catalonia.

Europe is getting frisky

Big week. Sad week. But the Secretary of State called the president a "f--- moron," which is fun. Also, Europe is getting frisky. Furthermore, Europe is getting frisky.