Sick Cockburn

Will playing the Bigfoot's Penis Card help the Dems win the House? A candidate swings from Trump's nuts. Bernie preps for 2020. Emails. Polldance. AND MORE!


Trump - Cohen tape! The Wave gets good news and one piece of bad news! We remember the "I am not a Witch" commercial! Don Blankenship is back! The Culture War executes hostages! POLE DANCE! Email! And MORE!

The No-Russia Club

Trump bumps around at NATO, the Kavanaugh strategy from the Dems, IS HILLARY BACK? Plus the Pole Dance and your emails...

Tinka, Sailor, Soldier, Spy

My mom talks about Stormy Daniels, Trump hires a possible illegal alien from the Disney Channel and I ask the question: "why do you trust a word out of a politicians mouth?"