Whig Island

Rich people talk about running for president! Blue wave turning off moderates? An interesting article on a right wing culture warrior! A Kavanaugh recap! Woodward fallout! A prediction about a Trump move after the midterms! POLL DANCE! Your emails!

Goblins From Space

Alex Jones banned from Twitter, Omarosa sells the shit out of her book, Democrats have a night of firsts, #WaveWatch, Ted Cruz v. Beto hits the Whataburger menu... Poll Dance! But Your Emails and MORE!

Sick Cockburn

Will playing the Bigfoot's Penis Card help the Dems win the House? A candidate swings from Trump's nuts. Bernie preps for 2020. Emails. Polldance. AND MORE!


Trump - Cohen tape! The Wave gets good news and one piece of bad news! We remember the "I am not a Witch" commercial! Don Blankenship is back! The Culture War executes hostages! POLE DANCE! Email! And MORE!

The No-Russia Club

Trump bumps around at NATO, the Kavanaugh strategy from the Dems, IS HILLARY BACK? Plus the Pole Dance and your emails...