EXTRA: 12/24/18

A little Christmas present! The Extra comes to the main feed! 
I present to you the first ever Gloria Young 2020 Snapshot wherein we gather the opinions of a Florida voter with very strong opinions.

Her top 3...

3. Bernie Sanders
2. Michael Bloomberg (!)
1. Eric Holder (!!!)

MarioKart Straw Poll

Is Trump's base threatening to erode? Is Elizabeth Warren screwed? What about Tulsi? All those questioned answered along with your emails and a POLL DANCE!

$5 Polonium Footlong

Trump gets bad news on both ends of the Mueller front. Stays in bed. Looks for a Chief of Staff. But shit is going fucking bananas in Europe. All that and your emails and a French Poll Dance!

Context Kills

Justin gives rare praise to TV news, discusses the Mueller end game, respects the gangster of Nancy Pelosi plus a Poll Dance and your emails.

Where Are We Now?

We catch you up to date with the dawning of 2020 by... finishing the neverending election night of 2018.

Also, Hillary 2020 and Jim Acosta.

Weaponized Twerking

Last show before the midterms! Eulogy for Political Kanye, why white women need to be the highest percentage of American terrorists and the Florida governor's race.

To The Woodshed

We discuss the end of the Kavanaugh saga, the conspiracy theories around the departure of Nikki Haley, dissect a few prop ads and read your emails. Oh and an old man calls Ted Cruz a pu--y.


We talk almost exclusively about UB40. And Kav's chances of getting confirmed and objective truth and proposition ads and a poll dance and your emails. But mostly UB40.

Whig Island

Rich people talk about running for president! Blue wave turning off moderates? An interesting article on a right wing culture warrior! A Kavanaugh recap! Woodward fallout! A prediction about a Trump move after the midterms! POLL DANCE! Your emails!