We go back in time and examine Joe Biden's history of running for president. Is Ann Coulter a liberal anti-hero? Can Justin finally explain the Trudeau scandal? Poll Dance. Your emails and more!

How journalism works and why it's breaking - Interview with Professor Mike Socolow

Mike Socolow is an associate professor at the University of Maine and a Fulbright Scholar at the News and Media Research Center at the University of Canberra. He has written for a number of print and newspaper outlets as well as CNN.
We talk about how the business of journalism has changed and why understanding how the news is made explains a lot about why it's been broken lately. 
Layoffs! Retail collapse! OJ Simpson! Justin's vicious bias against television news! Twitter! The longevity of radio and more!

Decoding the politics of fashion (Interview with Professor Jo-Ellen Pozner)

Melania's "I Don't Really Care" coat, Kamala Harris' weird aunt jacket and Beto's aging hipster lewks. Politicians are saying more with fashion today than ever and Jo-Ellen Pozner of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University breaks it all down for us.

Everyone wears something (or doesn't wear something in the case of Jim Jordan) for a reason, find out what it is in this interview.

#TGIF #Handsome #Sexy

An audio tour through the Cohen testimony. A mixed week for Bernie. A new pledge for Liz. A non-aggression pact. A BIG FAT 2020 Primary Poll and your emails!

Altered Bernie

Bernie is running and JuRY has a bold prediction. Mueller report dropping next week? Smollett! McCabe! North Korea! Ranch Dressing! Poll Dance and Your Emails!

Trump or Consequences, NM

Trump declares national emergency for a Wall. Dems now have a new purity test. Beto for Senate? McCabe tried to kick Trump out with 25th Amendment. Biden in? Poll Dance! But Your Emails!

18 oz. to Freedom

Justin is out and then in again on Schultz. Kamala is off to a hot start. Don't count Bernie out. AOC primaried? POLL DANCE! YOUR EMAILS!

Interview: Andrew Heaton

The host of Something's Off with Andrew Heaton tells his story from mock government to real government and why he wound up running tours in Scotland instead of running for State Senate. Also discussed, restrictions in writing for Fox News and the Blaze and why 90's MTV was a sleeper cell of libertarian thought.