Houston Debate Predictions

JuRY looks to continue his debate prediction dominance with three more lead pipe locks! Boris Johnson already screwed as PM? Kamala Harris gets destroyed by a dude in a wheelchair? The tale of NC-9? Bolton? Parade of Wrong Opinions! #ButYourEmail!

How Elizabeth Warren Wins and Loses

We break down Elizabeth Warren's electoral record (which is basically one race) and discover a few interesting things. Including that Obama is a plagiarist. Kamala Harris courts the 2 Live Crew. Boris Johnson has himself a week. Andrew Yang becomes the mayor of Stockton. One Dem candidate is trying to make a Voltron. Poll Dance. Campaign Undertaker. Parade of Wrong Opinions. #ButYourEmails.


Justin talks very quickly about Gillibrand, poll madness, the debate deadline keeping the roster at 10 people, talking about the debate qualifications with Brian Brushwood, discussing the surprising first two cities with all conservative talk stations, Poll Dance, Parade of Wrong Opinions, #ButYourEmails and more!

Trump On Guns

Breaking down Trump's upcoming decision on guns. Who is in and who is out of the Houston debates. Warren apologizes. Beto pushes buybacks. Greenland. Israel. Bernie and Biden within 1% of a Poll Dance. #ButYourEmails and MORE!

Gun Control in 2019

After another pair of horrific shootings, Justin runs down why the current climate might actually be more friendly to gun control action. A visit from the Campaign Undertaker as we scroll through who is the walking dead with debate qualifiers looming. Elizabeth Warren in Nevada, Kamala's sliding polls, the New Special Relationship, a Texas-sized poll dance and #ButYourEmails.