Mueller Kills Impeachment

Democrats succeed in highlighting the obstruction elements of the report. Cool. The only problem is that all those facts were already known and didn't move the needle then and it won't now.

Here is what focusing so hard on obstruction does reveal: what a waste of time almost solely talking about Russia was. 

Honestly, was there no voice in the room suggesting that an impulsive rookie under immense pressure taking a step beyond the line was more likely than PROOF of an INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY that happens to offer a CONVENIENT EXPLANATION for why the second most unpopular person to run for president LOST an election. 

At the end of the day, the Dems got two quotes:

"Trump was not exonerated by the report."

"Trump could be prosecuted when he leaves office."

We knew the first one based on previous Mueller comment. But any Democrat celebrating the second should be ashamed. 

A week ago, a congressman sought to bring impeachment to a vote in the House. In case anyone needs a refresher course, that is the process by which a sitting president would be removed from office immediately. Several of the frontrunners in 2020 agree that this should happen. Now the Dems are breaking their arms high fiving because they'll get him in 2021 or 2025. 

The sudden rush of air you feel on your face are the goal posts being moved back two to six years. 

To indulge the stupidity for a second, prosecuting a president as they come out of office would NEVER happen. No matter how unpopular the president is, no incoming Democratic president would willingly squander their First 100 Days political capital by getting behind a prosecution of an outgoing president. 
This was a demonstration for an audience of one: Nancy Pelosi. In fact, CNN should have had her on a split screen hooked up to a pulse monitor like a Twitch speed runner. If she saw a political imperative to change her strategy this would have mattered, instead (as her comments indicated) she was waiting outside the chamber with orange slices and Capri Suns telling everyone that no matter if they win or lose all that matters is they tried really hard. 

One last time, for posterity, let's run through the facts:

Impeaching and removing a president is a matter of momentum. Face-contorting, reality-shifting momentum. Since we are nowhere different today than we were yesterday, no momentum was created.

Nixon got got for obstruction and it needed tapes and a money trail.

Clinton got got for lying on tape and it only got him impeached but not removed.

The Mueller report found examples of failed obstruction attempts, which technically are obstruction, but we have no tapes and no money trail.

Trump survives.