Elizabeth Warren's Awful Debate, AOC Endorsement, Which Candidates Are About To Go Broke

Justin breaks down the Ohio debate and has some words for the frontrunner Elizabeth Warren. We remember the most pivotal endorsement of the last 20 years in light of AOC's decision to back Bernie. Dave Levinthal from the Center for Public Integrity breaks down the official Q3 fundraising numbers and reveals a candidate whose campaign might already be broke. We are then joined by The Political Orphanage's Andrew Heaton who helps us brainstorm names for candidate fanbases.

Debate Preview, Hunter Biden, Campaign Poster Design

We break down tonight's debates and add a few predictions. Last minute Brexit developments. Hunter Biden speaks! An interview with Susan Merriam (co-founder The Center for American Politics and Design) about campaign posters and logos. Bonus: a recording from the DragonCon live show featuring ImprovWars.com.

The one impeachment question that needs answering, Gloria Young returns, new 2020 frontrunner

There is only one question that can move the impeachment process and only Rowdy Roddy Piper can answer it. My mom breaks down all the 2020 candidates. Elizabeth Warren is your new frontrunner as impeachment melts Joe Biden. Bernie out of the hospital after heart attack but how hard will be push when he returns to the road? A discussion of China and the recent spate of actions against by the NBA and Blizzard to protect business relations with Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbot of The Morning Stream.

The Impeachment Risk / Reward Special!

Special episode recapping the insane week that has led us here.

We break down all the possible glory and peril for the following folks:

Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump

Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

The rest of the 2020 Dems

Robert Mueller

The Whistleblower

Houston Debate Predictions

JuRY looks to continue his debate prediction dominance with three more lead pipe locks! Boris Johnson already screwed as PM? Kamala Harris gets destroyed by a dude in a wheelchair? The tale of NC-9? Bolton? Parade of Wrong Opinions! #ButYourEmail!

How Elizabeth Warren Wins and Loses

We break down Elizabeth Warren's electoral record (which is basically one race) and discover a few interesting things. Including that Obama is a plagiarist. Kamala Harris courts the 2 Live Crew. Boris Johnson has himself a week. Andrew Yang becomes the mayor of Stockton. One Dem candidate is trying to make a Voltron. Poll Dance. Campaign Undertaker. Parade of Wrong Opinions. #ButYourEmails.


Justin talks very quickly about Gillibrand, poll madness, the debate deadline keeping the roster at 10 people, talking about the debate qualifications with Brian Brushwood, discussing the surprising first two cities with all conservative talk stations, Poll Dance, Parade of Wrong Opinions, #ButYourEmails and more!

Trump On Guns

Breaking down Trump's upcoming decision on guns. Who is in and who is out of the Houston debates. Warren apologizes. Beto pushes buybacks. Greenland. Israel. Bernie and Biden within 1% of a Poll Dance. #ButYourEmails and MORE!