The Perot Test

A prophecy of the coming Bernie v. Warren war. A genuine plea for you to tell me which modern politician Perot sounds like. Biden. AOC. Pelosi. Epstein. Poll Dance. #ButYourEmails and more.

RIP H. Ross Perot - Interview with Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood is a podcaster and YouTube star but back in 1992 he was a volunteer for Ross Perot's landmark bid for the presidency that netted him 19% of the popular vote. He joins us to talk about Perot's political achievements, his insane life and if we will ever see anyone like him again.

"What is a political consultant?" - Interview with Adam Sheingate

Our guest is Adam Sheingate he is the author of the book Building a Business of Politics: The Rise of Political Consulting and the Transformation of American Democracy. We discuss the economy of political consultants, how important they are, what they do day to day and how they get hired.

Also, Justin goes off all crazy and confronts a professional who wrote a book on the subject if consultants seduce rich people into running for office so they can cash a paycheck.

Media Catnip

Will the media be able to lay off Trump antics this election? Biden leading in internal Trump polls? Is AOC picking Warren over Bernie? Jon Stewart torches congress. Parade of Wrong Opinions. Poll Dance. #ButYourEmails.

Start Getting Real

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The 2020 gang FINALLY starts sniping at each other. Be2.0 has evolved into a second fiddle Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden plagiarized again. Parade of Wrong Opinions. Poll Dance. #ButYourEmails.

Bobby's Back Baby!

We get the hot new statement from the Mueller man himself. Turns out he doesn't want to say anything else. Also Biden not biting and Boris goes to court!

No Huawei Out of the Trade War

Guest host Tom Merritt explains the political and technological side of the Huawei trade blockage and why China may have a hard time figuring out a solution. The President and the Speaker are fighting again! Ukraine's TV star President appoints his TV show co-workers to his cabinet. And Oh. Brexit.